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  • Julia Hash

Here is a Dialogue with God I had


I am struggling with resting. I keep feeling like I “should” be of service to someone. I “should” visit people in preparation for the upcoming conference. It is my duty and calling. My body is hurting and I am not capable of much. Why am I resisting resting? Please advise. Please direct my thinking and guide me. I want to be humble.

Good for you for pausing to include Me-that is the root of humility and the only way to be of my will. You aren’t made aware of my will unless you make space and time for my will. Part of that is sincere prayer. Pausing to listen sure helps. J

Your body needs rest. You can rest and be of service at the same time. Spending time with Me; in My Word, sharing My joy with others, and just being still with time and space for Me strengthens you, and when you are strengthened with My Spirit you are of service to others. My Spirit transcends through you to others. In fact, this is the most powerful means of being of service. Most people unintentionally skip this essential part because they are busy doing. It’s not the doing that is most important-it’s the being. Being with Me and then doing My will. Without the intentional space and time for Me-My will isn’t as clear and you run on your own steam. This is not nearly as effective. Toiling when you could be moving mountains. Souls.

You are a special child and you deserve the best from me. Please make, and KEEP making time and space for My will so I can give you the desires of my heart. I love you so much my sweet child. Come into My arms and rest with Me-and I will heal your body, soul and personality. Share my love with others. You do that so well.

And remember to smile-you have such a beautiful smile.

You do enough.

Now rest.


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