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I rewrite Psalms as prayers for my children

Psalm 40

My girls wait and wait patiently for God to help them. He turned to them and heard their cry. He lifted them up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog. He set them on solid ground establishing, securing, and making their steps steady. He secures a rock for them to stand. He puts a new song they sing in their hearts and on their lips-a hymn of praise for their mighty God. Many people will see and fear what He has done, and be amazed. They will put their trust in Jehovah, abandoning their selves to Him. Oh the joys and blessings of my girls who trust and give themselves completely over to God, they turn from the world’s confidence in the “sure thing” and ignore what the world desires, worships, and teaches. Oh Lord, their precious God, you have multiplied your marvelous wondrous works. The things you have planned for them, they recite and could never come to the end. The world is a massive stockpile of your miracles and Holy Spirit. Nothing compares. Neither numbers nor works account for your Majesty. Sacrifice and offerings you don’t desire from Cassandra and Ali. Their ears You have opened-and now they understand-You aren’t asking for meaningless religious rituals. They will say, “We are coming. We read the letter you have written about us precious Father, and we are coming to the party You are throwing for us.” This is when Your Word truly enters their heart and becomes a part of their very being. They take delightful joy in their desire to do Your will. They will proclaim the Good News of deliverance and Your justice. They do not restrain fear and hold nothing back. They don’t hide Your righteous deliverance in their hearts as a secret. They talk of your faithfulness and salvation and great power. They don’t hold back ANY pieces of Your love, truth, and faithfulness for just themselves. They tell all! They let the congregations know the whole story. Jehovah, don’t withhold Your tender Passionate mercy from my children. You unfailing love, truth, and faithfulness always protect them. It holds them together. Evil and trouble encompass them beyond number. Their sins overtake them and pile so high they can’t see a way out. So heavy that their hearts fail and they lose courage. Please, Yahweh intervene, rescue, and deliver my girls. Quickly, help them! Let the evil that is trying to steal their souls be brought to shame and confusion. Those who delight in my kid’s trouble be turned back in disgrace. But all who seek You-(especially my children) rejoice and are filled with gladness in You. May they shout, “Let our Lord be magnified!”

Let Cassandra and Ali know that they are poor and needy-a mess. They have nothing and are nothing. That You will think of them and make something of them. You are their help and savior. Heavenly Father, Do not Delay-They need You!


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